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For Over 80 Years, Radiator Specialty Company products help make things work better.                              

Starting, Charging, Electrical treatments... and more!
Starting, Charging, Electrical treatments
Mass Air Flow Sensor Cleaner helps improve performance & MPG. Dissolves grease, dirt & flux. Carb-Medic® is a contact spray cleaner to clean fuel injected throttle bodies, carburetors, and parts. Electric Motor Contact Cleaner is a non-flammable, non-conducting cleaning solvent for alternators, starters, motors, relays. INTAKE-Medic® Air Intake Cleaner & Lubricant ... for the air intake and throttle body Belt Conditioner rejuvenates aging belts -- provides better grip -- eliminates slips and squeaks. INSTANT® and LIQUID FIRE® Starting Fluids offer high ether content for the fastest starting in the coldest temperatures. The 7.5-fluid ounce fits many tractors and diesels.
In addition GUNK offers Wire Dryer, Battery Terminal Cleaner, and Acra-Seal Ignition Seale.
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